Alan + Lindsey Hawaiian Wedding

Blogging about this wedding is LONG overdue considering it was in August - and also considering it was one of the most amazing experiences. These two people flew out to Hawaii with all of their closest friends and families and made promises to each other forever. it was a total dream from start to finish! Despite the fact that it was also the week a Category 5 Hurricane hit the island we were staying on that week…..details though!!!

Williams Family

This family is seriously precious! Chrissy has the best laugh and their joy as a family together is contagious. This past year they added a second boy, Duncan, to their family, and I had a blast capturing them all together.

Gavin + Lauren: Maternity

My friends Gavin and Lauren are expecting their first baby girl in a few short weeks and we went to the Smokies to capture this season of their lives. They are clearly very in love, and it's sweet to see their excitement and affection that's already growing in them for their little one. Gavin kept Lauren and I laughing for the majority of our shoot together, cracking dad jokes already right and left. When photographing a couple, helping your clients "stay connected" to each other during their shoot is important to create images that portray a couple's love and affection for one another. Sometimes this is hard to do, because it's easy to freeze up in front of a camera and feel awkward with PDA (I know I do at least). I told Gavin and Lauren that they were pros at "staying connected" and showing affection with one another. I basically just followed them around with a camera and captured them interacting with one another, so they made my job super easy! Enjoy some of their cute pictures :) 

Riley Kate

Little Riley was turning two and her sassy & rambunctious personality completely won me over in our Mother's Day session with Paul & Sarah. Their little family has so much fun together and you can tell from these pictures. And golden hour at Sequoyah park never fails with the pretty light :)


Alex + Kelsey

Kelsey had this graduation shoot planned for months, but little did she know she was going to get engaged two days before our shoot! It was so fun capturing these two in this fun season of life as they finish up their senior year at UT. GBO!


I had so much fun taking pictures of these two - we were all three laughing for the majority of the shoot. They are getting married in August in Kona, HI and Jordan and I are getting to shoot their wedding! We are so stoked about it. Enjoy checking out some of my favorites from their engagement shoot!

Brad + Lynlee

These two are expecting their first little boy January 19th!!! We froze our phalanges out in the cold, but they laughed their way through our session. So excited to meet little Grayson Fox!!! Does Lynlee not just glow?! I hope I look that cute when I'm preggers one day. 


Ross + Lindsay Engagement

I have gotten to work with Lindsay on Labor and Delivery this past year, and am so thrilled that these two are tying the knot on Cinco De Mayo of 2018. Couples that belly laugh together make getting good candid shots easy as pie. So excited for these two and all that is to come for them :)